Topic "Sychronize: Why Date Modified and Date Created Match?"

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I have been using WINSCP for a few months to sync files remotely. I have noticed a weird issue, and wanted to see if I can change it.

here is my script. VERY basic:

#remote IP
open userid:pass@
#Transfer Type
option transfer binary
#This puts local file at path on the server
Synchronize Remote c:\Files \RemoteFiles

The script does a great job. I goes through my folder, and puts the latest copy on the remote location. I am having strang issue with the time stamps.

First off, pc are physically in the same building, with same time zone.

Local Computer.

A.Doc - Date Created 11/1/2009, Date Modified 11/3/2009
B.Doc - Date Created 11/1/2009, Date Modified 11/2/2009

WINSCP Script ran on 11/4/2009 on Local Computer.

Here are files on Remote Computer:
A.Doc - Date Created 11/3/2009, Date Modified 11/3/2009
B.Doc - Date Created 11/2/2009, Date Modified 11/2/2009

How come Date Created is changed to match the Date Modified? Date Created should be the date the file was actually created on the Remote Computer.

I have tested copying files from a current location to a different location in windows, and date created always changes to the date the file was copied to the new folder. The modified date remains when the file was actually manipulated.

I have tried the -criteria, with Time and Size, but the Date Created always match.

Ideally I would like the files on the Remote Computer to have the Date Created be set to the time the file was actually copied over.

How can this be done?

Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated.

- Ton
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This can be caused by Transfer to Temporary Filename feature. Try to turn it off.

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