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(reposted, in case it was lost on end of 2GB file size wrapping report)

Copy of remote file to local directory failed on file reaching max unsigned 32bits.

Reports insufficient disk space to write file, asks what to do (abort, retry, skip, skip all, etc.)

destination drive has > 500GB available.

winscp 4.1.9, build 416 (per help about box)

The item was a foreground download, not queued.

I presume this was via SCP connection. filesize after abort was 4,294,947,919 bytes (which is a rather strange 19377 less than 2^32.)

Glancing at code briefly, guessing it may be related to some of the 'int' parameters variables involved in the TStream/TMemoryStream/TFileStream/THandleStream family of objects (even though the seek() methods of at least TFileStream and THandleStream apparently support 64bit offsets, implying their internals probably should also - but a TMemoryStream is also used in TFileBuffer::WriteToStream(), which I expect may be the source of the error.)
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SCP protocol does not allow more then 4GB. Please read documentation.
Martin Prikryl


martin wrote:
SCP protocol does not allow more then 4GB. Please read documentation.

I have now tried logging in with SFTP withOUT allowing SCP fallback, and I still get the same error.


<covering face in shame>

disk does indeed have plenty of space.

Unfortunately I did not realize filesystem was Fat32, which is apparently limited to 4GB max file size. <sigh>


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