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This is a homemade problem of the computers I want to connect to.
Symptom I get s"Error listing /home" Message when trying to read and/or connect to remotes.
Version used Winscp (Build 177)
Description The 'more' section of the error dialog reveals that the remote obviously answered with a line, summarizing the number of bytes in the directory. Since the computer is located in germany, the first line returned is something like 'insgesamt 4096'. Since 'insgesamt' (totals) can not be interpreted as a access-rights string, WinSCP stops reading further entries.
Proposal just ignore additional lines that cannot be interpreted and store them. Display the remaining entries as usual. Using a non-obstrusive method (flashing icon? definitely no popup) inform the user that there was additional information that didn't make it into the official summary. Display the additionals on demand


workaround reading some other posts in this forum I found the following workaround: Entering /bin/bash as Shell in the Startup screen (Environment -> SCP) removes the problem.

Still, I think recording and ignoring the offending lines more appropriate
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Dreamer wrote:
Still, I think recording and ignoring the offending lines more appropriate

Well, I could introduce some kind of heuristic parsing. But I'm afraid of this as this is obviously hard to debug without access to all possible platforms, etc.
I recommend to use SFTP instead of SCP as it is more complete and much better designed protocol. With it these problems hardly occur (especialy with version 4).
Martin Prikryl

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