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Winscp 4.2.5 build 264
WinXP, fully updated

Created an icon to a remote server on desktop.
Drag & drop file in explorer onto icon.
Dialog box, click "transfer settings" button, choose "configure.."
Brings up preferences dialog as expected, except that all the text of the lefthand tree is gone, replaced with a single space (judging from the size of the blue highlight).
Repeatable (happens every time).

Notably, this behavior was NOT present in icons created by and linking to winscp405. It brought up the preferences menu properly there. (Verified today, same server, etc.)



Further clarification:

Created a new saved session and a new shell icon and still got same result.
This bug happens with both 'shell icon' modes - dropping onto an icon on the desktop, or right clicking a file and using 'send to' a saved session.
Double clicking on the session desktop icon itself opens winscp normally (of course) and the preferences menu works fine from there (ctrl+alt-p, choosing from the dropdowns, and from within the aforementioned transfer dialog box by hitting the button and choosing configure).
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Thanks for your post. This bug has been added to tracker.
Martin Prikryl

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