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Using the latest WinSCP version, I always get 50% CPU usage (dual core), and a speed of about 120kb/s, while downloading huge backups from a server. If I use FTP instead, the usage drops to 0-2%, and speeds go up to 300kb/s.

I don't know what settings I can try to make it run better, and I might go back to Filezilla to do my downloads since I prefer SFTP and not FTP.


WinSCP is killing my CPU!!!
Very high CPU usage while transferring a 260 Mb files over a network at 24Kbps.

Is there a decent alternative to WinSCP? It will fry my Notebook CPU Sad

It's using 50% - 60% of the CPU!

WinSCP V. 4.2.7 using SFTP on WinXP SP3 Core2 Duo 2.53 Ghz 2 Gb RAM
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Anyone plan to address this?

I am seeing a large file transfer cap out at around 4.5MB/s and the CPU Usage of WinSCP is almost always pegged at 25% (4 core machine).

I can kick off another copy of WinSCP and another transfer and that other copy runs @ 25% and also produces crappy speed.

This is over Gigabit Ethernet and the WinSCP machine is a 3.4Ghz Xeon (from the P4 days, not the Xeon 5100+ series)

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