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I really liked this ftp program because it's fast and lightweight with such great features. I used to like ws ftp before due to it's robustness (great features plus the ability to resume file transfers without file corruption, great reliability) the same thing i found in winscp. unfortunately wsftp is now bloated and very slow not ideal for older machines plus it is not free and the gui and icons are ugly. Winscp is great due to it's reliability and robustness, lightweight, fast and free.

Unfortunately, one thing's lacking that could make it perfect is the looks, i hate to say that the GUI is ugly.

It would help to have a redesign of the gui will brighten it up or at least changing the icons to 24 bit will add greatly to it's appeal to users. There are lots of free 24 bit icons on the web I just could not understand why until now the program's icon looks like windows 3.1 16 color.

I suggest to create only one line toolbar with all the icons of very important functions in it since screen space is valuable for users. please retain the classic silver gray windows looks since i find it faster than themed windows. just change the icons to 24 bit is a big step forward to improve the overall appearance. thank you.
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If you find a collection that includes all icons that WinSCP have, I'll be happy to replace them.
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