WinSCP and Code::Blocks - multiple instances issue



WinSCP and Code::Blocks - multiple instances issue


I have WinSCP Version 4.1.6 (Build 412) running on Windows Vista (Home edition).

I use CodeBlocks Version 8.02 on windows for editing my remote C,C++ files.

In Codeblocks, I enabled the the Environment->Settings to "Allow only one running instance" and restarted Codeblocks.

In WinSCP, under Editor preferences, for *.c, *.cc files I enabled the option "External editor opens multiple files in one window (process)".

When I edit the first C file, codeblocks opens it correctly. However, the second edit fails with the message "Another program instance is already running. code::blocks is currently configured to allow only one running instance"

With previous versions of Code::Blocks and WinSCP on this same windows Vista machine, I have been able to open multiple files in the same instance of Code::Blocks.

Now something has changed, either on the WinSCP configuration side or Codeblock side and I am unable to open multiple files in one Code::Blocks instance - I can ofcourse open each file in separace Code::Blocks instance - but I'd like to avoid this.

Any tips on how to overcome this problem is appreciated.

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Re: WinSCP and Code::Blocks - multiple instances issue

I do not think this has anything to do with WinSCP. There was no change in a way how to launches the external editors.
Martin Prikryl

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