Server disconnected, backup via SSh


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Server disconnected, backup via SSh

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me out here.

My server is disconnected because someone use it now to scan ports from other servers and send spam around.

I contacted support from where I rent my server and they put my server in Recovery mode and told me to backup my server with SSh.
But that's all chinese for me :(:(:(
After that I schould reboot or restore my OS, so al problems will be gone.

I used putty the first time and I be abled to get 2 of the 3 partitions mounted
That's sda1 (which is used to boot my system, I think) en sda3 the greatest partition.
sda2 is swapspace

But then they told me to edit or save my data from the partitions with common tools, and there I'm stuck.
I downloaded now WinSCP, see lots of files, but none with my files.

I hope someone can give me an helping hand here, because my site is down for almost a week now.

Thanks in advance


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