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Is it possible to transfer one file with multiple sessions or threads and have it be re-assembled on the other end properly? Is this something WinSCP could do or only could be done by the server software you are uploading to?

I download builds daily which I can either download via ISO or download all the files and folders directly.

Currently when I download an ISO, I get about 90kbps. When I download the folders and files individually spread equally among 9 simultaneous transfers, I get 9x90kbps (roughly) - and I have more bandwidth to spare as well.

What I'm looking for is an intelligent way to maximize bandwith efficiency for uploading files from one location to another. Run up the number of transfer threads till you don't see a change in max upload speed, then let it run one file transfer over those most efficient number of threads.

The folder thing works, I would just imagine it would be even faster just doing one file where it didn't have to take the time to process each file individually.


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Thanks for your post. This request is being tracked already.
Martin Prikryl

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