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Not being familiar with ftp-software, etc, I wonder if it would be possible to use this software in order to mirror some folders in one of our office PC, to another PC located in my house, over the Internet in a secure fashion? By reading some of the documents on this site it seems likely, but I wanted to be sure before trying out on my own!

Is there anything I need to change, etc in my router at home and in the router at our office? Or can the office PC connect directly to my PC at home over the internet? Or should the connection be triggered from my home PC as the files to be mirrored should be transferred to this machine?

If all the above is possible, can you make a first syncronization at the office by having both the computers side by side, as it otherwise would take ages to syncronize all the initial data over the Internet? And then, after this first syncronization, take the PC which will sit at home and make the consecutive syncronizations over the Internet?


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Should be possible. You should better connect from you home machine to the work machine. You will find many details on this page and on pages it links to.
Martin Prikryl

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