Can't transfer multiple files on one PC....


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Can't transfer multiple files on one PC....

I have WinSCP 4.2.9 installed on a desktop machine running Win 7 Pro (x64). I use the Commander interface. I can easily drag multiple files from a local folder to my web server or vice versa and have those files transfer simulanteously.

I have a new laptop running Win 7 Home Premium (x64). I have installed WinSCO 4.2.9 on it. I think I've gone through all the settings and configured the laptop the same as the desktop but with the laptop WinSCP will only let me transfer one file at a time.

Also, the transfer progress display is different. On the desktop the file(s) transfer progress shows up in a separate window at the bottom of the session. On the laptop it shows up as a fuel gauge type pop-up.

What do I have to do to get the laptop installation to behave the same as the desktop?



I found the fix. For anyone else having this problem I had to chnage Preferences > Background to more than the default number of transfers. I set it to 9 and all is well.

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