How to connect FTPS Explcit TLS



How to connect FTPS Explcit TLS


I need to connect to a FTP server using Explicit TLS. I have created as per their insructions a 4096 bit certificate and a private key. they have signed the key and i have merged into a p.12 file.
i have a stored session where i have supplied Username and password selected the appropriate protocol FTP TLS explicit encryption

Here is my script (Details Changed)

option echo on
option batch on
option confirm on
open stored session

This is what i get........

open stored session -explicittls -certificate="11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99:10:11:12:
Connecting to ...
Connected with, negotiating SSL connection...
SSL connection established. Waiting for welcome message...
Connection failed.
Connection failed.
Client certificate invalid or not supplied.

So herin lies my problem which i cannot figure out.

I need to present my certificate, how do o do this within a script, do i do as i have above, or do i put a path to my .p12 file?

I also need to give account details using FtpAccount=account where do i put this?

Please could you give some examples on how to do this?


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