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Currently, it don't matter if you answer the CAPTCHA at all for Previewing a post, which is GREAT!...Thx!

However, if I DO answer it for a Preview, the new form still has a CAPTCHA, a new/different completely ignores the 1st CAPTCHA.

I'd like 2 things...

  • Keep it so if you don't enter a CAPTCHA on Preview, it does what it does now (asks for a new CAPTCHA).
    • However, if you try & fail, it should mention that, just so you know & can try again.
  • Add extra logic, so if you DO enter it when Previewing a post & if it's correct, save that fact to the session, so that...
    • The next form does not ask for a new CAPTCHA
    • When you finally Submit the post, it remembers you already correctly answered a CAPTCHA (during Preview) & lets the post Submit without another CAPTCHA.
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Cannot you simply register?
Martin Prikryl

LOL, maybe I should, but you already allow Guest posting, so I was recommending a better experience. I like Guest posting, not having to register. Soo many forums are locked down so tight you can't breathe, this one ain't that tight...which is good.

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