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Bug (or at least annoyance): Search doesn't fill new form with current search term
(full subject above...can you increase the allowed length of a Subject?)

I'm not really sure this is a "Bug" or "Feature Request"...but...

On any page of, there is a search box, type "test" into it, press Enter. The results page's search box is blank/does not re-fill with the current search term. It also does not remember which radio button you selected for that search.

Just like Google, the search results page should re-fill & re-select all the options used to generate the search, not use the default options.

I'd also like to request more radio buttons / types of search...currently there is...

  • Documentation
  • Whole site
...I want to request the addition of...

  • Forum
  • Tracker
...(plus any I don't know about / didn't think of) can sort of achieve those by searching "Whole site" then refining by "Support Forum" or "Tracker", but actually, in testing that right now, I noticed bugs...

Bug: Search's "Refine results for" behaves strangely...

In the search form, click "Whole site", type "test" into the search box, press Enter, see results, click to refine by "Support Forum" or "Tracker"...notice there ARE results for "test". Now, click Back a few times to start over, in the search form, click "Documentation", type "test" into the search box, press Enter, see results...notice refinement options are already selected on "Documentation", click to change refinement to "Support Forum" or "Tracker"...notice that now there are NOT results for "test" when there were just a few seconds ago.

Bug: Search Results pages cause Back button issues
(this bug might be my old browser, but I'll mention it anyway)

Type any search into the box, you have gone 1 page forward right? Click back until you reach the page you started the search from, count how many clicks it takes. When I do 1 search & click back once, I'm still on the search results page, click back again, I'm back where I was. It takes 2 clicks when it should take 1.

Also, while testing the above & going "deeper" into the search results page...2 things happened...

  1. Clicking back would NOT (fully) update the page to the previous search results page
  2. I needed to click back MANY times to get back where I started (I likely had to click Back twice for each page I went forward)
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Thanks for yout post.

I'm aware of the first problem. I'll fix it.

I will also check your other issues.
Martin Prikryl

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