Topic "Is it possible to connect WinSCP over 3G network?"

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I have this idea that this can be done, but configurations I have tried don't work. I use an app called iTeleport to remotely connect to my desktop, so I can control it from anywhere. I have port forwarding configured in my router to send incoming requests to my computer on port 5900. The app on my iPhone connects to a VNC server which sends the data back out to my phone.

What I want to be able to do is:
- Transfer files from my computer to my iPhone, and transfer files from my phone to my computer, while using the 3G network.

Instead of WinSCP sending the data to another device on the same wireless network, I need it to send to my VNC server which should send it out to my iPhone. I believe I will have to establish another port to forward to for WinSCP. Can two applications use the same port? (5900 is what my VNC server is on)

Any ideas will be appreciated. They might spark my thoughts elsewhere and make me try things I haven't yet thought of.

And if I figure this out I will post a guide here. Thanks!

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