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I read somewhere (sorry can't find reference now) that you can use "-c none" with scp to copy files without encryption, but the login would still be encrypted. I'm not a ssh wizard, so please correct me if I'm wrong. If i'm right, could that option be added to winscp? Because sometimes I need to scp large files, but the data in it is not sensitive at all, even intended to be put up for public download.
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WinSCP does not support 'none' encryption. Why do you want to use it? If it is because you want to speedup transfers, try some faster encryption like 'blowfish' (see SSH tab of login dialog). Also note that to use 'none' encryption, the server must support it in the first place and most of the servers does not.

Anyway, I've searched for some information about 'none' encryption. The information differs. But it seems that using 'none' encryption the authentication is "safe" only for SSH2 key authentication. With SSH1 or password authentication it is not recommended at all.

I hope this helps.
Martin Prikryl


martin wrote:
Why do you want to use it?

Lower cpu load on server, which serves multiplayer games too.

martin wrote:
I hope this helps.

It does, thanks. Sorry for not posting in the feature request forum, noticed too late that it was there.

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