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When I type long-running commands, it seems that sometimes my host (an automated process or something) is "killing" my commands. Like if I grep or diff big files, sometimes it will finish, sometimes WinSCP will hang (offering me to Abort), then I open another WinSCP & Console & "ps U user" & find that my long-running command is not still running...something killed it without WinSCP noticing.

So, while the "Abort" window is displayed, can you send null packets (or do anything) to "detect" if that process was secretly killed? I shouldn't be waiting on the "Abort" window if it will never finish (if WinSCP can do anything to detect this condition).

WinSCP is waiting on a response from the server, but I think it should try to send some useless packet to make sure the server didn't do something weird, like kill a process without WinSCP noticing.
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Thanks for your post. This issue is being tracked already.
Martin Prikryl

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