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I have a strange problem using the latest WinSCP 4.3.2 with my FileZilla FTP server 0.9.37 beta on Windows 7 x64. Although FileZilla server supports UTF-8 filenames natively (which show up correctly in FileZilla client and the Firefox Add-On FireFTP), WinSCP seems unable to handle these characters correctly. As stated in the FAQ section, I already tried all UTF-8 options (Off / On / Auto) as well as active and passive mode (although that should not make any difference).

A remarkable fact is that I am unable to download any file with UTF-8 chars in its name after turning UTF-8 on (or to auto). But I have no problems (except for the messed-up filename) when transferring the file with UTF-8 set to off in WinSCP.

As I don't know exactly if the server or client is responsible for this strange behaviour, I just created a small test account on my server for you:

This gives you the chance to take a look at how file names behave with different UTF-8 settings.
The text files in the root folder don't contain any information except a single line of text as it is the NAME of those files that causes trouble, not their content.

Please let me know if I can do anything to get a correct behaviour concerning UTF-8 filenames and feel free to ask any question you might have.
Naturally, I can also provide an excerpt of the server's log, if needed.

Thank you very much for any help in advance ! Smile

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Please upgrade to the latest version of WinSCP, which is Unicode application.


Hi prikryl,

thank you very much for this info. I did not notice the remark at the end of this FAQ site.
I will just wait patiently and check for updates once in a while.
If there is anything I can do to support this task, please let me know.

Kind regards,


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