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I've noticed that the opening of a session is very slow and takes a several minutes. I've activated logging, and so I have seen that on every opening WinSCP does a lot of these things:

Using SCP protocol.
Doing startup conversation with host.
Skipping host startup message (if any).
echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"
WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0
Detecting variable containing return code of last command.
Trying "$status".
echo "$status" ; echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"
WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0
Trying "$?".
echo "$?" ; echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"
WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0
Return code variable "$?" selected.
Clearing all aliases.
unalias "echo" ; echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:$?"
-bash: unalias: `echo': not an alias

and these are very slow. Is there any possibility to make these faster or skip they?

Thank you very much!

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You may skip some initialization steps, but note that it may render WinSCP unusable. But it is worth trying.

See SCP tab of login dialog and its options "clear aliases", "clear national variables", "look user groups".

Also consider using SFTP instead of SCP.

Hi Martin,

thank you for your answer! In fact, sftp is faster, but only when I select the third option (sftp only).


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