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I am new to Winscp and I am having a problem in executing a batch file.

The scenario is something like this:

I have a batch file A, two folders (up B and down folders C), some text files in up folder D, a text file E (different from the files in D) and a ppk file F. All these things are in one folder only.

The batch file A is having a script (script is shown below) which contains text. If that text contents are true (means if that text (text contents are related to E i.e. if the text file E is executed) is executed) then only the files in up folder B moves to down folder C.

And the script in batch file A is:

C:\somefolder\WinSCP3.exe /console /script=E.txt /log=session.log
if errorlevel 1 goto error
xcopy C:\somefolder\up\*.* C:\somefolder\down\ /y
del C:\somefolder\up\*.* /Q
echo Upload failed, keeping local files
And the content in text file E is:

option batch abort
option confirm off
change remote directory
cd \somedirectory
option transfer binary
put C:\somefolder\up\*.*
I don't know why the files from up folder is not moving to down folder.

Please let me know where exactly the problem is and how to resolve that problem....
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If you want to check the exit code of WinSCP from batch file, you need to use
Martin Prikryl

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