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Got the script working inside of an SSIS package loop - where it takes each file and dynamically builds the script then calls the to do a command execute the script.
This works fine when the WinSCP and the files to upload reside on the same server the package is running on.

But our DBA is freaking out and he wants WinSCP and the generated files to sftp on another server. I've made a mapped drive and use that to access the other server and I can gnerate and save the new files to the other server. I then try to process each file using an Execute Process Task with the Process Executable point to the instance of WinSCP on the mapped drive by listing it as Y:\Program Files\WinSCP\

When the package gets to the Process Execute task it blows up with
"Error: 0xC0029151 at Execute Process Task, Execute Process Task: In Executing "Y:\Program Files\WinSCP\" "" at "", The process exit code was "1" while the expected was "0".
Task failed: Execute Process Task"

Can a SSIS Package have a Execute Process Task to run on another server??

Script looks like this:
"option batch on
option confirm off
open CLM
cd /upload
put TEST_PRODUCT_GROUPS_20110325145227.txt
CLM is a saved session with default local directory and / for the remote directory

But if I've shelling out to "Y:\Program Files\WinSCP\" do i need to list the local directory as what it is on the remote FTP server? I see DOS window tries to open on the SSIS Package server rather than on the other server?
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Sorry, your post does not include enough information.

Please read how to troubleshoot problems with WinSCP. If it turns out that you are not able to help yourself, read how to ask for support or report bugs efficiently, so others can help you.
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