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Hello, y'all!
I have a batch file that runs a script. I want to drag a file onto the batch file's icon in order to upload it to the server. My script works fine if I send a parameter by commandline, say
ftp.bat "myfile.html"
but it doesn't work if I drag a file onto the batch icon.

Here is the contents of my batch file: /script="ftpdrop.txt" /parameter %1

in my script, I have simply:
open user:pasword@myftpsite:21
put %1%
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Try enclosing the %1% into double-quotes. It is needed, if the path your drop on the .bat file has spaces in it.

put "%1%"

Martin Prikryl

Thanks, I actually tried that but it didn't make the difference. However, I did add that to the script nonetheless, but what DID fix it was that in my batchfile, I had to enclose the full path to the script. I assumed the batch file would look in its own folder for the script. Anyway, thanks for your help.

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