Clipboard Operations

WinSCP supports operations with files, paths and session URLs through the clipboard.



To copy files to the Clipboard, use the common Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut, or go to Files > Copy in the main menu. You can copy files both from both the remote and local file panels. The files copied to the clipboard can be pasted either back to WinSCP, into other panel or another directory, both local or remote, or to another application, like Windows File Explorer. When pasting files to another application, WinSCP by default shows a confirmation dialog. You can turn that off in the preferences, or directly on the dialog itself.


To paste the files copied to the clipboard (by WinSCP or another application), use the common Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut, or go to Files > Paste in the main menu.


If the clipboard contains a plain text string only, the Files > Paste command opens the path stored in the clipboard in the current file panel.

Learn how to copy the path to the current working directory to the clipboard.

Session URL

If the clipboard contains a session URL, the Files > Paste opens a new session specified by the URL. You can also paste the URL on the Login dialog.

Learn how to generate the URL of the current session.

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