Working with File Names and Paths

WinSCP offers set of features to work with names of files and directory paths.



File Name

You can copy names of files selected in file panel to clipboard, either just names or full paths. Go to Files > File Names > Copy to Clipboard or Copy to Clipboard (Include Paths). The command is also available from file context menu.

File URL

To open Generate File URL dialog for selected files go to Files > File Names > Generate File URL.

See also an extension to generate HTTP URL.

Current Working Directory

To copy path to the current working directory to the clipboard, go to Commands > Copy Path to Clipboard in Explorer interface or Local/Remote/Left/Right > Copy Path to Clipboard in Commander interface.

You can also open the directory whose path is stored in the clipboard.

Command Line

You can insert names of files selected in active file panel to command line in Commander interface. Use command Files > File Names > Insert to Command Line (or press Ctrl+Enter).

Custom Commands

More advanced way how to execute remote command that works with names of files selected in file panel is custom commands feature.


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