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Advanced Site Settings dialog

The dialog is used to configure advanced site settings. You will get the dialog after clicking Advanced button on Login dialog, while setting up a new site or editing an existing site.



The advanced settings are categorized to pages, which are documented separately.

Some of the pages are available only for specific protocols. You need to select respective protocol on Login dialog before opening the Advanced Site Settings dialog to have the page available.

  • Environment (server compatibility options, filename encoding, DST, etc)
    • Directories (initial directories, directory cache)
    • Recycle Bin
    • Encryption (seamless file encryption)
    • SFTP (SFTP protocol specific/compatibility options)
    • SCP/Shell (shell and SCP protocol specific/compatibility options)
    • FTP (FTP protocol specific options)
    • S3 (S3 protocol specific options)
    • WebDAV (WebDAV protocol specific options)
  • Connection (timeouts, keepalives)
    • Proxy (connection thru proxy server)
    • Tunnel (connection thru SSH tunnel)
    • TLS/SSL (TLS/SSL protocol options)
  • SSH (SSH protocol options and authentication)
  • Note (site note)


Site Color

Use Color button to associate a color with the session.

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