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This guide contains description of creating SFTP1 file transfer task for SSIS using WinSCP scripting. The preferred approach is to use the WinSCP .NET assembly from SSIS script task .NET code.

WinSCP offers scripting interface that you can use to automate file transfers to/from SFTP server.


Before Starting

Before starting you should:

Script file

Start by creating WinSCP script file to transfer your files.

Below you can see a basic script example for downloading file from SFTP server. For details see guide to automation or detailed documentation of scripting functionality. You can also have WinSCP generate a script template for you.

open mysession -hostkey="ssh-rsa 2048 xxxxxxxxxxx..."
get /remotepath/data.dat c:\localpath\

In the script you need at least to:

  • Replace mysession argument to open command with specification of SFTP connection in form sftp://username:password@hostname/ or use name of site.
  • Replace host key fingerprint after -hostkey switch of open command with actual fingerprint of your SFTP/SSH server host key;2
  • Replace paths after get command with actual paths to remote file to download from and local directory to download to.

Save the script into file accessible from SSIS.



In SSIS/SSDT, add new Execute Process Task to control flow of your package. In the Execute Process Task Editor:

  • Put path to WinSCP executable (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe) into Executable;
  • In Arguments specify /script=<pathtoyourscript> (Alternatively you can specify all commands here using /command switch, as used the command-line template that WinSCP can generate for you);
  • You may want to set WorkingDirectory to path, where you want to download files to/upload files from, if you do not use absolute paths in your script.

Further Reading

Other References


  1. SFTP is also incorrectly known as Secure FTP.Back
  2. Note that depending on encryption method, the host key may have different format than shown in the example.Back

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