User Interfaces

WinSCP offers two program interfaces, each with extensive configuration options.


Changing User Interfaces

During installation, you must select your preferred user interface. You may want to change your user interface preference later.

Commander Interface

The first interface is based on Norton Commander and similar file managers. The interface displays a local folder in the left panel and a remote folder in the right panel. Most of the time, you’ll transfer files between these folders, though you can also transfer files to a different folder. This user interface type is also known as Orthodox File Manager.


Explorer Interface

The second interface is similar to Windows File Explorer, and you only see the remote folder. To transfer files, enter the target local directory’s location or drag and drop. Both interfaces offer the same transfer methods.

Choosing the Right User Interface

If you are a new WinSCP user, you may want to select the Explorer interface as it should be familiar to any Windows user. However, if you are used to Norton Commander, used by several contemporary file managers (Total Commander, FAR, Altap Salamander), choose this one. Commander interface is primarily focused on easy keyboard control. You can use it without ever touching your mouse. One who is used to it can perform the operations much faster.

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