ComparisonDifference Class

Represents data about a single difference identified by Session.CompareDirectories method.


Namespace: WinSCP

public sealed class ComparisonDifference
Public NotInheritable Class ComparisonDifference


Name Description
SynchronizationAction Action Action needed to resolve the difference. Possible values are SynchronizationAction.UploadNew, SynchronizationAction.DownloadNew, SynchronizationAction.UploadUpdate, SynchronizationAction.DownloadUpdate, SynchronizationAction.DeleteRemote and SynchronizationAction.DeleteLocal. Read-only.
bool IsDirectory Does the difference involve file or directory? Read-only.
ComparisonFileInfo Local Information about a local file or a directory involved in the difference. Set for SynchronizationAction.UploadNew, SynchronizationAction.UploadUpdate, SynchronizationAction.DownloadUpdate and SynchronizationAction.DeleteLocal only. Not set (null) otherwise. Read-only.
ComparisonFileInfo Remote Information about a remote file or a directory involved in the difference. Set for SynchronizationAction.UploadUpdate, SynchronizationAction.DownloadNew, SynchronizationAction.DownloadUpdate and SynchronizationAction.DeleteRemote only. Not set (null) otherwise. Read-only.


Instance of the class can be created by the WinSCP assembly only. You can only get an instance of the class by calling Session.CompareDirectories.

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