ComparisonFileInfo Class

Represents data about a file or directory involved in difference identified by Session.CompareDirectories method and represented by ComparisonDifference class.


Namespace: WinSCP

public sealed class ComparisonFileInfo
Public NotInheritable Class ComparisonFileInfo


Name Description
string FileName Full path to the file. Read-only.
DateTime LastWriteTime Timestamp of the last file modification. Read-only.
long Length Size of the file in bytes. Read-only.
int Length32 An alternative to Length. Particularly useful for COM hosts, that do not support 64-bit integers, such as Visual Basic. Throws OverflowException, when the file size cannot be expressed using 32-bit integer. Read-only.


This class can only be instantiated by the WinSCP assembly. To get an instance of the class, call Session.CompareDirectories.

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