FilePermissions Class

Represents *nix-style remote file permissions.


Namespace: WinSCP


public sealed class FilePermissions
Public NotInheritable Class FilePermissions


Name Description
FilePermissions() Default constructor. Initializes to 0 (no permissions).
FilePermissions(int numeric) Initializes permissions to value of numeric. See Numeric property.


Name Description
bool GroupExecute Execute permission for group.
bool GroupRead Read permission for group.
bool GroupWrite Write permission for group.
int Numeric Permissions as a number.
string Octal Permissions in octal format, e.g. "644". Octal format has 3 or 4 (when any special permissions are set) digits.
bool OtherExecute Execute permission for others.
bool OtherRead Read permission for others.
bool OtherWrite Write permission for others.
bool SetGid Grants the user, who executes the file, permissions of file group.
bool SetUid Grants the user, who executes the file, permissions of file owner.
bool Sticky Sticky bit.
string Text Permissions as a text in format "rwxrwxrwx".
bool UserExecute Execute permission for owner.
bool UserRead Read permission for owner.
bool UserWrite Write permission for owner.


Name Description
string ToString() Returns Text. (Overrides Object.ToString().)


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