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Thanks, the option batch continue solved the problem :)

Synchronize fails when a "Permission denied" occurs on subfolder

WinSCP 1.17.10 (Build 11087) on Windows Server 2016

I use WinSCP in a commandfile with the following command line: /log="UK_Download.log" /script="UK_Download.scp"
Content of UK_Download.scp:
open sftp://novagraf:***
option batch off
lcd O:\UK_Mirror\UK_Data\Increment
cd /licensee/Increment
synchronize local -criteria=size -transfer=automatic -preservetime -filemask=|2017\

On the remote site there are several subfolder, but some of them don't have "read" permission,
This results in an abort of the cmd file, instead of skipping the subfolders that cannot be accessed. Therefore, it is not possible to do a local synchronize