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Transfer Files

Good afternoon everybody. Hoping you can help me with the following question.
How can I indicate the transfer rate in my script?
This is my script
open sftp://user:clave@ -hostkey="xxxxxxx" 
PUT "D:\CecoDomi\Encrip\EcriC30E.FIR" /tef.001/entrada/E01012A2.A302001 

If I leave it as is this is the result:
Using configured transfer settings different from factory defaults.

D:\CecoDomi\Encrip\EcriC30E.fir |        1128 KB |   38.8 KB/s | binary |  16%
Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds.
Still waiting...
Note: If the problem repeats, try turning off 'Optimize connection buffer size'.
Warning: Aborting this operation will close connection!
(A)bort (60 s): Abort
D:\CecoDomi\Encrip\EcriC30E.fir |        1128 KB |    9.8 KB/s | binary |  16%
Terminated by user.
(A)bort, (R)econnect (5 s): Reconnect
Searching for host...
Connecting to host...
Using username "01012B".
Authenticating with pre-entered password.
Starting the session...
Session started.
D:\CecoDomi\Encrip\EcriC30E.fir |            0 B |    0.0 KB/s | binary |   0%
Cannot overwrite remote file '/tef.001/entrada/E01012A2.A302001.filepart'.
General failure (server should provide error description).
Error code: 4
Error message from server (en): Failure.
Common reasons for the Error code 4 are:
- Renaming a file to a name of already existing file.
- Creating a directory that already exists.
- Moving a remote file to a different filesystem (HDD).
- Uploading a file to a full filesystem (HDD).
- Exceeding a user disk quota.
(D)elete, (A)bort, (R)etry, (S)kip, Ski(p) all: Abort

If I do it through the front, I can move the transfer rate to 1024 and the file passes without problem. So I suppose there must be a parameter that is put on the command line so that it also uses a transfer rate of 1024.

I appreciate the attention, and I hope you can help me