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If file is not found script aborts

Hi, I have the following bat file.
CD D:\DWData\PubData\YM
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /inf=nul /command "option batch continue" /script=DosFTPYesMailPutDailyFilesCommands.txt

That calls this script DosFTPYesMailPutDailyFilesCommands.txt
open s
cd LSCTest-import-members
lcd d:\DWData\PubData\YM\import-members
put members_06232021121430.txt
cd ..
cd LSCTest-import-subscriptions
lcd d:\DWData\PubData\YM\import-subscriptions
put dovoffers_subscriptions_06232021121430.txt
put dovprodinfo_subscriptions_06232021121430.txt

The 2 subscriptions files do not exist in my test and when it gets to the first one, the process stops. I tried adding the /Command "option batch continue" but it is not working.

Thank you in advance for help.