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No joy

I'm sorry, but there is no "Custom" option under Transfer Settings, but only Default / Text / Binary / New and updated files only / Exclude directories ("Default" is what shows in the window).
Under that I see Transfer type: Binary. And beneath that a settings gearwheel and Configure.
If I click on the phrase Transfer Settings, nothing happens. I see no button.
I attach a screenshot.

Where do I find Transfer Settings?

Alas, my upper-case filenames no longer are changed to lower case when uploaded to my website. I understand about using Transfer Settings as instructed here, but dang if it matches what I see on my computer. There's "Transfer Settings" in the second menu line; it's set to "Default"; but when I click on "Configure" there's no such option. I'm using WinSCP 5.19.6 (2022-02-22). Is that what robbed me of the option? Can I revert to an earlier version that matches the instructions I see online? Thanks – Dan

Thank you! Works a charm.

Is there a lower to force lower-case transfers?

I often run into this problem: there are caps in the file name that make an href search for that file invalid. Is there a way to ensure that all transfers from my computer to my website will be entirely lower case? Thank you!