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I don't know why but extracting the line
into a separate line fixed the problem. Is the same if I use %ERRORLEVEL%

Not getting errorlevel 1 from exception


I generate the following script from external program:
open sftp://censored/
lcd \\censored\
cd /censored/IN
put *

It is called with the following batch which is also generated from external program:
@echo off
\\censored\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe /log="\\censored\WinSCP\censored\log\WinSCP_DEV_!D_!M_!Y_!T.log" /ini=nul /script="\\censored\WinSCP\censored\scriptname.txt"
if ERRORLEVEL EQ 1 echo ERRORLEVEL>\\censored\WinSCP\censored\sftpError.txt

Both script and batch are working fine. To evaluate exception handling with the error file, I specified wrong server path on purpose in the WinSCP script. As expected, I get the following exception in my log:
(Exception) **Expected host key was not configured, use -hostkey switch.**

However, no error file is created. I've also used different approaches to try to create error file. As they have worked in the past, I am pretty sure it is not about my script but about how WinSCP throws the Errorlevel. It seems like WinSCP doesn't return Errorlevel=1. Can you tell me why is that?