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Great, it works.

thanks for your fast and comprehensive answer.

Best regards

Re: Comand MPUT -Delete how to

If you check the script output, it should say:
Selecting files using a path ending with slash is ambiguous. Remove the slash to select the folder. Append * mask to select all files in the folder.

And that's your problem.
See also
The correct syntax is:
put -delete C:\QxxxuadientFTP\aims_depot\* -filemask=*.jaf /FromGMC/

put -delete C:\QxxxuadientFTP\aims_depot\*.jaf /FromGMC/

Note that I'm using put, as mput is just an alias.

Comand MPUT -Delete how to

Hi support ,

We are trying to us the WinSCP scripting to copy files from local to FTP server.
It work fine but if add -delete, it delete files and local folder too.

script is here:
# Automatically abort script on errors
option batch abort
# Disable overwrite confirmations that conflict with the previous
option confirm off
# Logging Session
# Connect to FTP server using a password
open ftp://user:password@IPADRESS
# Download file
mput C:\QxxxuadientFTP\aims_depot\ -filemask=*.jaf /FromGMC
# Disconnect
# Exit WinSCP

Thanks for assist.