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Batch called WinSCP terminates with error without any information in logs

Hello everyone.
I invoke WinSCP 5.21.8 with a script multiple times throughout the day and sometimes it randomly fails without even creating log file. I've check Windows Event Log, but it gets only termination code 0x1, nothing more. All other cases that ends with success, or when I do test, end with errors, leaves something in WinSCP log. In those cases WinSCP is not returning a log at all. There is no concurrent WinSCP call in that same time. Unfortunately, currently I cannot upgrade WinSCP to current version, sorry, big company bureaucracy :) I've tried to set readonly flag on winscp.ini file, but that didn't help.
Small clue could be that on this server I'm pushing small files, few bytes. On the other server, where files are bigger, few megabytes those failures occur less often.
Script file looks like that:
cd "/FromCustomer/"
option batch on
option confirm off
put \\fantastic\path\to\my\file.DAT

Does anyone have any idea what might have happened here?