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Re: another info

Thanks for sharing your findings.
I believe that Cyberduck does not use pure WebDAV when talking to OneDrive.

another info

Another update. Winscp onderive webdav works but I found problems with files larger than 100 Mb.

I tried to search the internet and I changed the webclient registry settings, but they aren't related (as the wiki comment about the revert shows, correctly, see



I have winscp 5.17 , win 10 pro but somehow something is blocking it. I had to either dig deeper in the internet or to try other possible alternatives. I tried cyberduck with a 114 Mb file and it worked. I don't know what is the difference between cyberduck and onedrive (aside from the fact that cyberduck is a "onedrive recognized app") but maybe the dev team can look into it to improve things.

Even if nothing happens, it is still great that winscp allows webdav transfers, albeit up to a certain size. It is a free product so one cannot expect everything.

Just an info

Also to give an update. I tried onedrive via webdav and winscp too after the onedrive website failed me (see ) and the webdav approach using the file browser failed too.

Two things:

- if the webgui/filebrowser failed , then restart windows and then use winscp (ONLY winscp) Somehow the connectio may hang and it hinders winscp. You can see in the task manager that the webclient uses the cpu even if everything is closed.
- remember that in the username you need to put the email domain too. Like outherwise it won't work and it says "authentication header missing"

Re: Could not authenticate to server: Missing Authentication-Info header Verbinding mislukt.

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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Could not authenticate to server: Missing Authentication-Info header Verbinding mislukt.

I just installed WinSCP on a Win 10 machine, using the commander interface.

After setting up a WebDAV connection to OneDrive following the instructions in, I get the message above: Could not authenticate to server: Missing Authentication-Info header Verbinding mislukt.

Any suggestions?