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Re: How to incorporate FileTransferProgress in VBA

Hi @scooper77,

I am not able to connect FTP .NET library via Excel VBA.
Dim mySessionOptions As New WinSCPnet.SessionOptions
With mySessionOptions ' Getting error here ActiveX component can't create object

Can you please help me....

How to incorporate FileTransferProgress in VBA

I am using the .NET library via Excel VBA to connect and download/upload to my remote server using the Webdav protocol. Everything works. I just need to have the download/upload progress status in the status bar in excel. Looked through some codes in VB and PowerShell regarding FileTransferProgress event/class, but can't seem to link the FileTransferProgress into VBA. Can anyone help me on this.

My download code is similar to this and it works great but without any download progress info:
Private Sub download(ByRef mySession As Session)
    ' Setup session options
    Dim mySessionOptions As New SessionOptions
    With mySessionOptions
       .Protocol = Protocol_Webdav
       .HostName = ""
       .PortNumber = 443
       .UserName = "username"
       .Password = "password"
       .WebdavSecure = True
       .TlsClientCertificatePath = "path_to_key"
    End With
    ' Connect
    mySession.Open mySessionOptions
    NameFile = "name_of_file"
    RemotePath = "name_of_file"
    Dim transferResult As TransferOperationResult
    Set transferResult = mySession.GetFiles(RemotePath, NameFile, False)
    ' Throw on any error
    ' Display results
    Dim transfer As TransferEventArgs
    For Each transfer In transferResult.Transfers
        MsgBox "Downloaded"
End Sub