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Re: i have tried but cant get filemask to work

That's not really easy with WinSCP file mask.
Something like this might work:
put -filemask="*/tp/*.txt; */tp/*.trg; */aa/*.txt; */aa/*.trg" *

i have tried but cant get filemask to work

I have a shared drive that I am using to upload files.
My source directory is \\fil\prod\fsroot and I am uploading to the root of my ftp server.
My requirement is that I need all the *.txt and * .trg file from any subdirectories that have that name tp or aa. SO I have written the following but the script runs and nothing happens :(
can you please help. I also have a requirement that the files should be less than 10KB but nt sure how to get that to work. WHat am I doing wrong below
lcd \\fil\prod\fsroot
cd /
put -filemask="*.txt; *.trg; */tp/; */aa/" *