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Re: Possible bug when generating xml-logfile

Yes, the !P should help.

Re: Possible bug when generating xml-logfile

Hi again.
that could be the case... I thought the 'log-command' I've used would be enough/unique: /log="D:\path\FTP_log\winscp_!S_!Y!M!D_!T.xml" /ini=nul /script=D:\path\winscp_script.txt

I have now updated the 'log-command' with _!P, would that do the trick?: /log="D:\path\FTP_log\winscp_!S_!P_!Y!M!D_!T.xml" /ini=nul /script=D:\path\winscp_script.txt

//Stig ;-)

Re: Possible bug when generating xml-logfile

Aren't you running the multiple WinSCP instances in parallel, which overwrite one another's log file?

Possible bug when generating xml-logfile

Sporadically when generates xml-log-file, I get xml-syntax-error...
OS: Windows Server 2016
WinSCP: 5.17.10

I execute a bat-file: /log="D:\path\FTP_log\winscp_!S_!Y!M!D_!T.xml" /ini=nul /script=D:\path\winscp_script.txt

Which uses this script-file:
option batch continue
option confirm off
open s -hostkey="ssh-ed25519=" -timeout=30 -rawsettings FSProtocol=2 ProxyMethod=2 ProxyHost="??.???.??.???" ProxyPort=???? ProxyUsername="user" ProxyPassword="****"
put D:\path\READY_4_TRANSFER\*.pdf ./2path_xml/
put D:\path\READY_4_TRANSFER\*.xml ./2path_xml/

This results (sporadically) in this xml-log-result:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<session xmlns="" name="SESSIONNAME" start="2021-05-11T15:33:50.916Z">
    <filename value="D:\StreamServe\invoice_EDI_copies_PROD\READY_4_TRANSFER\F1537056_20210511-172709_GL.pdf" />
    <destination value="/2path_xml/F1537056_20210511-172709_GL.pdf" />
    <result success="true" />
    <filename value="/2path_xml/F1537056_20210511-172709_GL.pdf" />
    <modification value="2021-05-11T15:27:10.000Z" />
    <result success="true" />

the 'begin tag' <upload> is missing... it looks like it is replaced with </session>.
the 'end tag' </session> should only exist once...

Please advise!