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Upload Script - Ability to tell if upload sucessful

I believe I figures out how to add logging -
I added this to the bat file I use to open WinSCP

Upload Script - Ability to tell if upload sucessful

Hello I am using the following script to upload files to an SFTP location. I would like to add the ability to check if the transfer was successful somehow even if it is just in a log file. I am open to any ideas or suggestions.
open sftp://MEDPRDUSA:#XXXXXXXXX!@TAH-SFTPXX -hostkey="ssh-rsa 1024 IyEddQ/XW14j0hgyymGUHrHQDtXkydR4yZkvyHggEEU="
# change directory BOM
cd D0522/outbound/
#BOM Interface
lcd \\car-medusa1\m\SAP_BOM
put *.xml  -nopreservetime -nopermissions
#close connection
#exit winscp