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.NET assembly / COM library


Upload File - Append To Existing File

Question about ssh fingerprint

PowerShell and XML Logging

Symbolic Links not working for DotNet GetFiles in FTP

Authentication banners stoping library from working.

SynchronizeDirectories transfer speed limit

Timestamp of files shifts forward 1 hour on download.

Rename File - Overwrite Existing

SynchronizationCriteria.Either Not Working As Expected


Works fine in Visual Studio, won't work when deployed

session timeout when putting files

Error during Session.PutFiles. Files remaining not uploaded.

Synchronize -filemask in .NET Assembly?

Session.PutFiles - non recursive SFTP

Is there a way to force "manual resume"?

Problem with Getfiles path incorrect when using powershell

Could not retrieve file information

Error trying to register dll for COM

Permission denied

.Net Library Can't get connection to server

.NET Server sent command exit status 0

Connecting in Client Works, .Net Doesn't

GiveUpSecurityAndAcceptAnySshHostKey missing

problem with xml log file

use of private key with VB:NET

WINSCP using VBScript

File Mask in remote path

.NET Assembly not working

how i can set encoding utf-8? in c#

Cant get Attributes of file -> getFiles and Put files error

how to show progress of downloading file

JScript Fails Windows Server 2003

Read Registry values if WinSCP is installed

GUI and work, Powershell does not

Installing / Registering com library

How could I setup Back Ground Transfer feature in C# code?

overwrite remote files using session.putfiles

Download multiple files from an array

Can the .NET assembly be used to make a GSSAPI Connection?

Host key wasn't verified

Use SFTP version 4.

Want to delete remote files before download via powershell

Dispose XMLReader in SessionLogReader

[.NET assembly / COM library] program failing due to

File Transfer through VB.NET

Fabulous Job!

Multiple instances of Session Class running concurrently

WinSCP and Generation Data Group files (GDGs)

TLB properties and methods.

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