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.NET assembly / COM library


How to skip file on error?

Current transfer progress

XML Logging

Getting error loading dll in Visual Studio 2010

VBA error when trying to assign Session Options

C# How to remote muti getfile with file abc*.txt

Using MemoryStream as source file for FTP Upload

decrypt SssHostKeys in Winscp.ini

Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond - XML Logging Issue

Determine if password is incorrect

  • 2012-11-09 15:21
  • gjs

Option batch

Copying WinSCP.exe to the Bin directory

Multi Instance of Winscp.dll

Reading Password from File as Secure String

Error by session.ExecutablePath

Error using GetFiles

Error downloading file in in directory

Authenticate using keyboard-interactive authentication

ExecuteCommand and call

session.SynchronizeDirectories: e.touch is Nothing

Reconnect and Resume

FTPS Implicit mode with certificate

Session.GetFiles fails with "Can't get attributes of file"

WinSCP. NET Assembly Source

Error loading assembly in Powershell

ExecuteCommand issues

Disable transfer resume/transfer to temporary filename


SynchronizeDirectories show files not transferred

Doing PUTs and GETs with the file payload as a FileStream

Using Com object for SFTP in VBS file

c# SessionOptions.AddRawSettings not work

  • 2012-09-11 23:01
  • tpc

TimeOut not corresponding to the documentation

Getting RemoteFileInfo.LastWriteTime is incorrect

Time-Out on

passphase for key "imported-openssh-key"

Synchronize each directories


TransferOptions FileMask

How to force IP address for passive mode connections?

connect FTP none Secure

Keep alive

Any examples for connecting FTP over SSL (port 21)?

Slow SFTP transfer on Large Files / Timeout = 0

transferOptions.FilePermissions question.

error Session.ExecuteCommand runing scripts /etc/

Files uploaded to FTP server dont appear on the server

Public Key for PPK file

Code to upload and download files via SFTP using WinSCP

IS FileSystemWatcher for an ftp possible using WINSCP.dll ?

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