Automatic Copy Bug



Automatic Copy Bug

Firstly, thank you for this great software!

I was using Version 4.3.3 on windows 7 64-bit when the problem started, Than I've Installed the latest version - 4.3.7.
but the problems persists.

The transfer protocol I'm using is SFTP,
(Remote system = Darwin "XXXXXX" 11.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0___Session protocol = SSH-2___SSH implementation = OpenSSH_5.8___File transfer protocol = SCP)

Using GUI-Explorer style.

Right clicking a file or a bunch of files (Ctrl+a)
doesn't raise a window for browsing a chosen location etc'
instead it remembers the last path i used and automatically copies to that location.
I've searched any related issues in the "preferences"
And also checked the FAQ & Documentation but found no trace
for such problem.

If i missed something, I'm sorry.
& if there is any other information of software
or connection state you need to know,
you can contact me at:

Thank you for your efforts,
Hoping to hear from you soon.


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