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Simple question actually.

We are in the middle of setting up some connections with a major bank to do some overnight unattended ftp transfers and stuff... we are running into problems on our end with network security, firewall rules and a few other things and one of them is a rule in place by the bank of an auto lockout after 3 failed logon attempts.

As we work on connection issues we are constantly triggering this because the system automatically retries the same connection and we are getting ourselves locked out by this. We then have to call the bank people, ask for a reset, wait for a reset, wait for a response, try again and so on and so on until we get all the connection issues worked out. This can be cut down by 2 thirds if we could configure the application not to retry a failed connection attempt if it cannot make a connection on its first try. This would give us at least two more looks at the problem before requesting the bank to reset the password.

Is there some way or setting we can tweak or change that modifies the limit on the number of logon attempts? Dont want to say too much about what we are doing in the background to connect since for security reason and this issue is centered on logon retrys.

We have upgraded to the newest version 5.1.1 and have been using the program for over 3 years mostly for scripting ftp process and folder synchronizations.

Most thankful
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WinSCP does not retry on initial connection.

It reconnects only when it looses connection during transfer. Is that your case? That would mean that the password is changed during transfer. Does not sound plausible to me that this happens often to you.

Anyway, "option reconnecttime off" should do.
Martin Prikryl

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