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WinSCP 5.1.4. Build 3020, Windows Vista / Windows 7

Is it intended behaviour on WinSCP to show notify area message *only* when session which requires password is not the active tab? If WinSCP window is minimized, no notify area message is shown.

How to replicate this problem:
1. Make a SFTP connection to any server and login using username+password, do not save session password.
2. Create a file or open existing file for editing
3. Edit file and save
4. WinSCP asks for password but no notify area message is shown even if WinSCP window is minimized.

If you repeat the same as above with two or more open sessions (and therefore multiple tabs) and you write into file on a session that is not active WinSCP session tab, WinSCP shows notification area message that makes user aware that WinSCP needs password.

I can upload pictures later if necessary. This might not be a bug, but an usability improvement suggestion, depending on your point of view on this. I am sure many people find it frustrating to not know why files do not get written when using external editor. This is especially hard to solve case when working with multiple devices/terminals/servers at the same time.

Thanks, Vesa
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For active tab, the default behaviour is for the password prompt to popup, even when WinSCP is minimized.

You have possibly disabled this in preferences (Automatically popup prompts of background transfers when idle):
Martin Prikryl

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