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Hi -

If, a SSH key pair (public and private), was created on one server, then transferred the private key to a new server, would the connection still work in .NET Assembly? Both keys still work in the WinSCP Console in the new server.

1 year ago: Public and Private Keys created on SERVER1 (Server1 is winscp 4.29).

Now: Transferred Powershell scripts to SERVER2. (Server2 is winscp 5.5).

Issue: Same PPK keys are not connecting using .Net Assembly code. The keys do work using the Winscp Gui still on SERVER2.

thanks in advance...
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SessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint has nothing to do with .ppk files. You are mixing server's host key with your account key. From your post I have no idea which one you are talking about.

See following links to learn the difference.
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Thank you Martin, will do.

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