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Hi. I would need a script to upload files to a FTP server with adding the date to the filename automatically. Now I' using this without WinSCP:

set year=%date:~-4%
set month=%date:~-7,2%
set day=%date:~-10,2%
set year=%date:~-4%
set month=%date:~-7,2%
set day=%date:~-10,2%

@echo off

echo open> upload1.ftp
echo ...>> upload1.ftp
echo ...>> upload1.ftp

echo binary>> upload1.ftp
echo hash>> upload1.ftp
echo cd Backup>> upload1.ftp
echo cd Server>> upload1.ftp
echo put ..\backup.7z.001 backup%day%%month%%year%.7z.001>> upload1.ftp

echo quit>> upload1.ftp

ftp.exe -v -s:upload1.ftp

How can I realise a simular "rename to date" function with WinSCP?
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You can implement it exactly the same way.

Or easier, use %TIMESTAMP% syntax.

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