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currently use a .bat file with win ftp to upload but need to transition the command line script to WinSCP. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Here is the current .bat which needs to be transitioned:


CD \
CD \apps\Axys3
d:\apps\Axys3\axys32.exe bb_alpha.scr -exit
@echo off

set olddir=%CD%

set TmpFile=%temp%\ftp_tmp.vbs

echo>>%TmpFile% With WScript
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "user"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "username"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "password"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "binary"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "prompt no"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "mput D:\apps\Axys3\Bloomberg\bb_alpha.xlsx"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "close"
echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "quit"
echo>>%TmpFile% End With
cscript //nologo %temp%\ftp_tmp.vbs > %temp%\ftp_tmp.txt
ftp -n -s:%temp%\ftp_tmp.txt
del %temp%\ftp_tmp.txt
del %Tmpfile%
set TmpFile=


Thanks in advance
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Why do you use a batch file to create a VB script to create an FTP script? It's over-complicated.

Anyway, for instructions for converting ftp.exe script to WinSCP, see

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