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Hi, i need someones help. I am new to all of this. I just go my iphone not to long ago and I am trying to understand all of this information. I downloaded the WinSCP application and installed it, now I am trying to open it but the following happens:

I enter my IP Address: *********** then,
I enter the username and the password then,
I go and change to SCP in the pull down box then,
I hit "login" ....but
the screen just changes to a blank screen and says its "searching for host"
but after a few seconds an error message comes up that just says:
Network Error : Connection timed out

Then under it has the options - okay and reconnect

When I try to reconnect it goes and does the same thing over and over...

Someone help me login to the WinSCP, as i see it has a great deal of use when modifing the iphone...

Franz Frese
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Thx Franz, but then what should I do or use to get to d/l some apps into my iphone?

yes i have same problem.plz help to login with winscp

Franz Frese wrote:

I dont have iPhone
and dont know warranty, licenses, legal issues if you do this.
I am just a user trying to help you to use a great tool called WinSCP
by listing what I found by googling.
So use this info AT YOUR OWN RISK.


jay1225 wrote:
I enter my IP Address: *********** then,

please make sure you use IP Address of the iPhone (ie, not the IP Address of Windows PC)

You can find the IP address by following instruction under
"Taking More Control" at
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

I see UserID/Pwd as root/dottie

You see more instruction here
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

more info at <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>
(I see also a warning for iTunes v7.4 and younger)

Remember I dont know much about these sites.
So do it at your on RISK.
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See also brief FAQ entry on the topic. Feel free to expand it with relevant info.
Martin Prikryl

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